A Guide to Soundproofing City Apartment Walls

November 7,2018 | By Hillel Realty Group

A Guide to Soundproofing City Apartment Walls

In the City, it’s perfectly normal to reside in close quarters, subject to many outside noise factors. Whether you live on a busy street with an abundance of traffic noise or in a busy apartment building with kids screaming, dogs barking, and neighbors playing their music too loud, noise can be overwhelming. Consider these easy tips to soundproof your city apartment wall to help you get back to living comfortably.

Don’t Leave Walls Bare

Bare walls amplify noise making it echo across the entire apartment. Hanging soft materials on walls will help soak up the noise making the apartment quieter and more enjoyable. Consider tapestries, curtains, and other wall hangings that cover large areas of space while adding some flair. In addition, you can get creative with smaller spaces by adding picture frames, wall tiles, or greenery, to help soak up the noise.

Add Bookshelves

Even if you don’t read, this is an easy way to drown out the noise. Floor to ceiling bookshelves add texture to small apartments. But, the books also block noise from making its way into the apartment. Place shelves strategically on walls that are shared with other tenants or outside walls that allow a bunch of street noise in. Pack them with books of all types to give it an artistic look.

Add Insulation to the Walls

Some walls need additional insulation because they were never insulated properly to begin with. Apartment owners can either add insulation behind existing walls or add an extra layer of drywall with insulation in between to help drown the noise. If you rent your apartment space, you will want to get permission before embarking on either project.

Invest in Better Doors and Windows

Cheap doors and windows serve one purpose – to fill the spots they reside in. They rarely block out noise, excessive heat, or cold air. Check the doors in the apartment to see if they are solid or hollow. Hollow doors should be replaced with more sturdy versions that block out sound. The same goes for single-pane windows that are known for letting in the unwanted outside extremities including noise. Consider replacing windows with dual-paned versions to block the noise as well as unwanted air.

Place Furniture Strategically

Where you place furniture matters, especially bigger pieces that can help soak up the noise. If the apartment layout allows, put large pieces of furniture like couches against outdoor walls to stop street noise. If you share a wall with your neighbor, consider placing your television on that wall not just to block the noise but also drown it out.

Seal Gaps in Drywall

If you’ve started to notice gaps and cracks in the drywall, now is the time to fix these. Look for acoustic caulk at your local hardware store (or online). Acoustic caulk is flexible so it won’t crack like traditional versions. Fill any cracks in your apartment with this to get rid of the unwanted sound.

If you’ve tried these soundproofing tips with no luck, maybe it is time to find a new apartment in the city. Contact the professional team at Hillel Realty Group today. We are ready to assist you with your apartment hunting needs.