Brooklyn Brokers Help Clients Find the Ideal Rental Properties

June 24,2014 | By Hillel

The Leader in Rental Property Management in NYC

The Hillel Realty Group is one of the best property management companies NYC has to offer. With over half-a-century combined experience, our team of experts has the industry knowledge and skills to help cut your overhead and increase your rental income. Why lose money when we can help you make more?

With our rental property management system in place, we maximize your rental propert management income by keeping your apartment occupied with reliable tenants paying full market value. Our advertising system is designed to target qualified occupants. We also carefully screen prospective clients to ensure that they have a solid financial history and income. In addition, we implement a three to five year equity plan to increase the property’s equity. It doesn’t happen often but there are non-paying tenants, we take expedient action to get them out. Our eviction procedures are legal and effective, and we give 10 to 15 days warning notice. In no time, we’ll have them out and new tenants in. The benefits of using the Hillel Realty Group ensure easy property management with more profits. The bottom line is that our methods increase your overall cash flow.


We also have established relationships with top-notch service providers to properly maintain the building. With Hillel Realty Group at the helm, it’s smooth sailing all the way. There are no headaches and no hassles. We specialize in rental property management and are dedicated to providing our clients with the best property management services. If you’re seeking to increase your bottom line with your rental properties, be sure to contact us for a scheduled meeting. You’ll find that we are the experts to turn to.

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