NYC Commute


According to an article by Brick Underground “Residents of four different regions of NYC face commutes that rank among the nation’s top 10 longest ones”. The Study was conducted by statistician Chase Sawyer and originally reported on by CityLab.


According to the study, Queens residents take on average a commute time of 42.6 minutes every morning towards work. Surprisingly, Staten Island residents take on average, the same 42.6 minutes to commute to their jobs.

Living in Bronx will give you on average a bit bigger commute of 43 minutes, while Brooklynites have a 41.7 minutes commute.


As a explanation the article state that the traffic both on the public transportation (MTA), and by car is the reason why those commutes are whiting the top 10 longest commutes in the country.


If you are not into be squeezed into a train or listening to radio for hours while you are in stuck in traffic, It is very important for you who are looking for your new rental or buying a home to check your commute and be aware of how long your commute will be.