Safest Neighborhoods To Start A Family

December 4,2018 | By Hillel Realty Group

Safest Neighborhoods To Start A Family

When it comes to living in New York, many think of its prominent city life filled with plenty of activity, culture, and nightlife. It is often overlooked as a great place to raise a family, but the truth is there are plenty of neighborhoods tucked away that offer the perfect family environment. Before you decide city life isn’t for your soon-to-be or young family, take a look at the safest neighborhoods to consider starting a family in New York.

1. Park Slope
It’s no surprise that Brooklyn neighborhood, Park Slope, is a popular place for Manhattan residents to transition to when they are ready to start a family. The streets are lined with pristine brownstones and gives a small-town feel. It’s close proximity to Prospect Park, 24-hour stores, restaurant chains, and the great reputation of Public School 321 are some extra benefits that make it a wonderful place to start a family.

2. Cobble Hill
Another Brooklyn neighborhood, Cobble Hill is home to less than 10,000 residents and has a 19th century feel thanks to building height restrictions. Its convenient location near the Atlantic Avenue subway station makes it a great spot for working parents that need easy access to the rest of the city. With many area restaurants advertising kid-friendly, the neighborhood is a great place for working professionals to start and raise a family.

3. West Village
Manhattan neighborhood, West Village, costs more, but the community vibe residents feel is worthy of talking about. Close to the Hudson River Park, with plenty of restaurants and coffee shops, and a long list of wintertime activities for little ones including camps, yoga, and baby classes make West Village a prime spot to start a family.

4. Sunnyside
Individuals looking to start a family in Queens can count on Sunnyside as the place to move. Quiet, fenced yards, and gardens give it a suburban neighborhood feel. Its close adjacency to Manhattan is also appealing and delivers a breathtaking view.

5. Astoria
Beautiful Astoria is always a winner. Just a 20-minute subway ride from the city makes it an ideal location for professionals. Best known for the stunning Astoria Park near the Hell Gate Bridge, this Queens neighborhood is also packed with upscale restaurants and a thriving nightlife. Street crime is a rare occurrence in this area, making it perfect for a cautious renter.

6. Clinton Hill
This Brooklyn neighborhood has attracted many upper middle-class professionals as well as young families. An increasing number of high-end cafés and restaurants are moving into the area. With a very low crime rate, you can rest assured you’ll be safe here.

7. Gramercy Park
Located in a quiet Manhattan corner, this neighborhood attracts few tourists, making it ideal for living. To enter the private park, one needs to be a resident of the area of a guest at the Gramercy Park Hotel. The elitism of this neighborhood makes it a very safe and peaceful place to live.

8. Midwood Park
Located near Brooklyn College, this neighborhood is enticing to young professionals and young families. This area gives you a mix of urban and suburban. If you’re looking to settle down and get away from the bustle of the city, this is a great neighborhood pick.

9. Sutton Place
This is one of Manhattan’s most prestigious neighborhoods, but also one of its safest. Sutton Place borders the East River and is packed with high-end shops and restaurants. The luxurious apartments in this neighborhood offer both privacy and comfort.

If you’re ready to start a family and are looking for a change in neighborhoods, contact the professionals at Hillel Realty today. As the premier real estate brokerage, we are ready to help you find a new home in New York.