Tips for Keeping Your Pets Happy in Apartment Life

June 19,2018 | By Hillel Realty Group

Tips for Keeping Your Pets Happy in Apartment Life

Four-legged family members bring a lot of joy to their owners and for many, the decision to adopt or buy a pet is easy. But, for those that live in an apartment, it is not an easy decision. Adding a dog or cat to your home can create more stress than you expected unless you prepare yourself in advance.

Here are five tips for keeping pets happy in an apartment.

  1. Pet-proof your apartment.

Just as many parents child-proof their home when their little one arrives, pet parents should do the same. Move dangerous materials and chemicals out of reach or invest in locks to prevent the opening of cabinets.

If you live above the first floor, make sure you have screens installed in doors that lead to balconies and of course, windows. This will keep cats and dogs from wanting to explore the ground or rooftops below them, or from accidentally falling, which is also referred to as High Rise Syndrome.

  1. Avoid certain plants.

While plants often add to the décor of your apartment, you should be aware that some are poisonous to pets. Do your research first and avoid plants such as jade, American holly, and aloe if you have a dog and carnations, lilies, and roses if you have a cat. Some great alternatives include bamboo and spice orchid.

  1. Tackle odors strategically.

The odors that come with having a cat or dog aren’t always pleasant, especially in the smaller spaces of an apartment. There are some tips for minimizing odors before and after they occur. If you have a cat, you can cover the bottom of the litter box with baking soda which will absorb the unpleasant scent. You can also buy a top loaded box that keeps the cat from tracking the litter throughout the apartment.

Clean the areas where pets spend most of their time weekly. This includes washing bedding in detergent that is animal safe, such as with Nature’s Boost. If they spend a lot of time on furniture or certain areas of the carpet, you will want to sprinkle these areas with baking soda and vacuum it up to help break down any smells.

If you find yourself cleaning up urine stains, be sure to blot the area dry, so you don’t rub it into the fabric and then use cleaners that break down the stain instead of temporarily hiding it.

  1. Daily walks are necessary.

If you plan to spend full days away from your apartment, look for a local dog walker that can take your furry friend outside for a daily walk and minimize indoor accidents. Otherwise, make it part of your routine to go for several walks a day. Walks are an important part of the day since you most likely do not have a yard attached to your apartment.

  1. Don’t let them get bored.

Dogs and cats tend to mark, scratch, or “play” with belongings when they are bored. Switch out their toys every few weeks with backups and make sure you are engaging with them in the evenings. On nice days, take your dogs to the park and allow them to get rid of any built up energy.

If you are looking to move to New York City with your furry friend or plan to adopt in the future, contact the experienced realtors at Hillel Realty Group. We work closely with our clients to help find them a proper home for their lifestyle.