Top 10 Condo Views of NYC

August 23,2017 | By Jayson Goetz

The New York City skyline is iconic--and, depending on your locale, a bit difficult for the average New Yorker to see. It’s one thing to wake up in the Big Apple every day, but sometimes it’s nice to have a reminder just outside your bedroom window.


If you’re in the market for a New York City condo or apartment, it’s almost always location, location, location. Before you close on a perfect neighborhood, though, you might take a look out your prospective apartment window. You’re always going to have things to do in NYC, but getting a perfect view can be a gamble. Though going high rise might be your best bet, there’s still opportunity for great views without a penthouse overlook. The only question is where, exactly, to find those perfect views. Luckily, we have a few suggestions for some of the best views in the city that you can get without hiking it out to the Empire State Building.


Long Island City

You might think you’re a Manhattanite ‘til your last day, but a look out from one of Long Island City’s apartments might have you singing a different tune. Even if you work in the heart of the city, you’re still only a subway ride away in this fast-growing Queens neighborhood, and with the added benefit of some gorgeous waterfront parks. Choose well, you’ll have a view out to the East River that extends out to an unbeatable Manhattan skyline. From the neighborhood’s Gantry Plaza State Park, you can watch the sun set behind Manhattan’s landmark skyscrapers (or you can snap a few frame-worthy portraits and landscapes).



Also located on the East River is Greenpoint, a trendy Brooklyn neighborhood nearby Long Island City. You’ll get plenty of sunset views along the river, of course, but you’ll also get a vibrant neighborhood boasting boutique condominiums such as 50 Greenpoint Avenue, attractive brick townhomes and plenty of neighborhood haunts. There’s a reason it’s been declared the new Williamsburg.



A view in Tribeca might cost a pretty penny, but you can’t deny it’s worth the green. Waterfront property is also on order here, looking out towards the Hudson River and the Holland Tunnel. But even closer into the city, you’ll see some pretty incredible sights when just a stone’s throw away from One World Trade Center, Rockefeller Park, and other major NYC sights.


Sunset Park

In between Park Slope and Borough Park lies Sunset Park, which is rather appropriately named. Beautiful brick townhomes line Sunset Park’s streets, but aside from its proximity to trendy Brooklyn neighborhoods, the neighborhood’s real treat is its park of the same name: from the park’s hills you can see NYC’s financial district skyline, and even see the Statue of Liberty.


Hudson Yards & Chelsea

Three words: the High Line. The popular park, a former elevated rail line turned scenic-and-inventive park, extends from Chelsea to Hudson Yards, with fully one third of the park residing in Hudson Yards. Getting up close and personal to the well-loved park also means getting a fantastic view of the Hudson River--what more could you ask for?



Aside from the fact that you could live in a building designed by a superstar architect, there’s plenty of reasons why you might what to pack up and move to a scenic condo in Soho. It’s one of the city’s prime shopping and dining destinations, and its long history shows in its wonderfully preserved iron-wrought fire escapes and industrial buildings.


Upper West Side

Who could pass up a chance to live in sight of one of the city’s most famous landmarks? The Upper West Side borders the city’s biggest patch of green (and we don’t mean the Financial District). Central Park isn’t the only draw, but you might also find your own personal oasis living along a street like Central Park West.


East Harlem

Believe or not, you can have a Park Avenue address without the Park Avenue price. East Harlem overlooks both the Museum Mile and Central Park, with the Upper West Side just off into the distance. From either side of your apartment view, you’ll be getting the best of the city.


Brooklyn Heights

This neighborhood has seen some very recent revamps, including an overhaul of the Brooklyn Bridge Park and Brooklyn Heights’ piers. Still, the views there remain classic and iconic Brooklyn overlooks, and it’s all the better if you can snag a condo nearby.


Sutton Place

At the end of the day, why fix what’s not broken? Sutton Place’s high rises frequently top lists for the city’s best views, not to mention best condos. One Beacon Court reigns supreme as a somewhat legendary apartment complex (it’s even where Bloomberg Business Review’s headquarters is located). Granted, it may not have the classic Midtown vista--but its view proves there’s much, much more to the NYC skyline than just the Empire State Building.


All that’s left for a prospective buyer now is to start touring!