What’s the Best Time of Year for an Open House?

November 21,2018 | By Hillel Realty Group

What’s the Best Time of Year for an Open House?

Deciding to sell your house or apartment is a big decision that comes with a lot to consider. One of the items many home sellers consider is whether or not to host an open house. Most real estate agents highly suggest scheduling open houses to generate leads and a buzz about your home. Scheduling them at the right time is half the battle in filling your home with potential leads that are ready to buy.

When is the best time of year for an open house? That depends really on the area you reside and what is important to the community and potential buyers. Let’s take a look at each season below and why they each offer something different to homeowners looking to sell.


Plenty of homeowners choose to list homes or apartments for sale in the winter months because inventory is relatively low which increases their chances of selling quickly. Hosting an open house in the winter is probably one of the most beautiful times of year to do so. Many homeowners go all out on décor for the holidays making the ambiance difficult to say no to.

When it comes to scheduling an open house in the winter, there are also times you should steer clear of, including the weeks of Christmas and New Years as most people have other commitments during these times. If you have an open house in the winter, it is a good idea to advertise “snow” dates in the event of snow or ice interference.


Spring is another great time to list a house on the market because inventory is still relatively low and many homeowners prefer to wait until school is out before taking the leap. Spring works great for open houses because the weather isn’t as frigid as during the winter months. Things to consider when scheduling an open house during the spring include the excessive rain.

Your home can quickly be destroyed if an open house is held during a spring rain and visitors track mud and dirt inside with them.


Depending on which realtor you talk to, summer is arguably the most popular time of year to list a home for sale. This is primarily due to the nice weather and children being out of school. While it is a prime opportunity to sell a home, scheduling an open house can fall flat if you don’t plan accordingly.

Summer months are prime months for vacations and weekend getaways. While weekends are popular times for open houses, during the summer months, you may have better success scheduling an open house during evening hours throughout the week.


As the weather starts to cool down and leaves begin changing colors, fall offers a beautiful time of year to put your home on the market and host an open house. The biggest concerns during fall months are back to school activities like Friday night football games.

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