Why a Career in Real Estate is Right for You

April 17,2018 | By Hillel Realty Group

Why a Career in Real Estate is Right for You

Whether you are just entering the workforce from high school or college, or are looking to make a transition from your current career, becoming a realtor in New York may be right move for you. Real Estate careers offer many rewards, but they aren’t always picture perfect. If you are considering real estate, you’ll want to make sure you have the passion, drive, and the right characteristics to see success.

Here are seven reasons why a career in real estate is right for you.

  1. You crave flexibility.

Real Estate agents control their schedule which means you can start work every day at noon or get off at two. Having control of your schedule improves work-life balance for many realtors because they don’t have to miss out on school events, delay appointments, or skip other obligations to sit behind a desk from 9-5 every day.

  1. You have the drive to do what you need to be successful.

Also known as an entrepreneurial spirit, individuals that know they have to complete specific tasks and take the initiative to find customers tend to excel at real estate.

  1. No limit on your earning potential.

Realtors earn commission on the properties they help sell. There is no cap on the amount of commission you earn in a month or year. If you have your sight set on a six-figure income, with a little planning, you can make that a reality.

  1. You enjoy working with others.

To see success in a real estate career, you have to enjoy working with others. Networking is a crucial component of finding clients and increasing your personal brand awareness. It requires you to attend community events, mixers, and luncheons to get your name out there and develop relationships.

  1. You want to help others achieve goals.

In the real estate business, you help others make the biggest investments in their lives. Every client will be at a different stage in their life from first-time home buyers to a couple looking to downsize their empty nest. But, they will look to you as the expert and trust your help and guidance.

  1. You dread monotony.

No two days will ever be the same in your career as a realtor. If you dread a monotonous career, real estate can deliver. Some days you will spend showing houses to several clients and other days will be spent in the office or at home processing paperwork, launching marketing strategies, and researching the perfect available homes to fulfill your clients’ dreams.

  1. You can handle when things don’t go as planned.

Not everything will go as planned in real estate. If you can manage the unexpected such as multiple offers, appraisals not turning out as expected, and the impossible to please client from time to time, a real estate career is right for you.

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